What Would You Like to Frame?

We will print your digital image and mount it in the frame and your custom frame will arrive ready to hang. Proceed to the next step to upload your image.

How It Works
Enter your paper product's exact width and height and click 'Begin Framing' below. You can mail your paper product to us to have it framed at our frame shop (or drop off in the Toronto area).
We can build a frame and send it to you with instructions on how to add your paper product to the frame, and voila, it is ready to hang!

1) To begin, select what you would like to custom frame:


2) Your paper product: choose to mail it to artGalore to frame (or drop off if in the Toronto area), or have artGalore send a custom-sized frame (with mats if desired) and you add your paper product (with instructions) to finish.


3) Measure your Paper Product:

  • Roundup to the nearest 1/8 inch or 0.25 cm
  • Measure from edge to edge
  • Measure more than once, be sure!
Width              Height
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