About Us

So how did we start, and how did we get our name? And what about the big G in the middle of the name, why do we do that?

For over two decades, artGalore.ca has been retailing posters and art prints to Canadian and American customers.

Operations started in Saskatchewan in 2001 and continued to grow over the first few years and the company was eventually relocated to Ontario in 2005.

Over the years, a small but dedicated team has introduced several product lines including canvas transfers, plak mounts, custom framing, and laminating. All of our manufacturing is centered around our Mississauga, Ontario location and all of these lines are proudly "Made in Canada"!

Over the past five years, with the emergence of digital photography, we have updated our technology to accept uploaded files online. Customers can upload their favorite image and with a few clicks, preview what their canvas wrap, mounted, acrylic, metal print, or custom frame will look like. Each image can be finished in one of several finishes and colours.

So how did we get our name? Late in 2000 just after the Internet bubble popped, it was in vogue to use galore. Seemed like many different industries had a galore this and a galore that. Since we were in the art industry, it seemed to fit. Except to be a little different, we started to capitalize the "G" but not the "A" in our name, just to stand out a little more. We have kept doing it ever since!

We enjoy what we do and look forward to adding new features in the future. We appreciate all our customers and look forward to serving you soon. If you ever have a comment or question for me, please email me directly at paul {at} artgalore dot ca.

Paul Arnold